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Food Pack Asia 2023

"Food Industry Transformation "

     The world is just slowly getting back on feet after corona virus pandemic that has suffered many countries over the past few years. Unexpectedly, however, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine was erupted in February this year and ever since has affected many other countries besides the two countries themselves, one the world’s major producer and exporter of energy, the other, of food grain. If not enough, climate change, the continuous growing of the world population and shortage of food in some populations, are suffering the world more.

     In effect, consumers pay better attention to their health and quality of life. One thing is obvious most realize how important the life is, yet it seems more fragile than ever. And food is not just food any more, but the key to good health and longevity. Thus, besides taste and appearance of food, food safety and quality of food stand the top of their concern. As a result, people in food industry and related industries have poured more of their effort, knowledge and resources available to answer such consumer demand.

     Given the increasing importance of food safety and quality of food to consumers’ health and the need of the industry in respond to the demand, Food Pack Asia 2023 is taking place under the theme “Food Industry Transformation” on 8 to 11 February 2023. Once every year this annual trade exhibition is a center for manufacturers, distributors, traders, buyers, food experts and the general public to meet together, make some exchanges and trade for products, services, innovation and technologies from food, beverage, non-food and food-related industries as well

     Food Pack Asia 2023 focuses on the on-going trends and the next ones in food and beverage industries, packaging industry and others. As we can see, the meaning of food on these days extends beyond conventional foods. It includes, for example, novel food, future food, plant-based food and etc. Those involve a lot of innovations and progress in food industry concerning food safety, food manufacturing process, food security and environment-friendly concept.

     Moreover, since energy remains the key factor that could drive the economy forwards or, if without it, to the end, Food Pack Asia 2023 well understood that many in food industry are looking toward alternative energy, new technologies and automatic procedures to cut down the process; speed up the production; create sustainability in trade and business, food security and safety for consumers and natural environments; or better respond to unpredictable situations such as wars, energy shortage, natural disasters of other crises. And they can find those in Food Pack Asia 2023

     Besides, smart packaging is also part of the event. Visitors can experience “smart” packages that can extend expired dates of food, vegetable and fruit. “Smart” package for durian, for instance, helps extend the life of durian so that the fruit is ripe perfectly when reaching consumers. This special package also reduces the strong smell of this fruit to the “smell-free” condition.

     Food Pack Asia 2023 has much more, including information and knowledge in update such as, business matching & networking between key exhibitors and renowned buyers and new knowledge platform of 2023 food & beverage industry trends to offer to not only those in business or industry but also everyone interested in food and beverage industry and related industries.

Automation Systems & Robotics
เครื่อง บรรจุ อาหาร
เครื่องจักร แปรรูป อาหาร
Automation Systems & Robotics
Food Pack Asia 2023 you will meet...

Demonstrate production technology for general industries And food industry such as food processing machines, CNC machines, industrial printers, date printers, steel cutting machines, conveyors, chains, material conveying systems, forklifts, shelves, warehouse and logistics systems, automation, garage equipment, hand tools, electrical and electronic equipment, filling machines, bottle blowing machines, packaging machinery, packaging, pharmaceutical industry machinery, baking equipment, kitchen equipment Appliances in hotels, restaurants and franchise businesses, etc.

February 8-11, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at BITEC, Bangna.

Feature Zone 2023

Food Processing Machinery

Showcasing machinery and equipment used for food industry.

Hotel & Restaurant Equipment

Showcasing hotel & restaurant equipment and supplies, kitchen equipment, catering equipment and hospitality services.

Packaging & Printing Technology

Featuring full range of packaging & Printing machinery and equipment, packaging materials, packaging new technology and innovations.

Drink Technology

The dedicated zone for new drink machinery and technology.

Confectionery machinery and Bakery Equipment

Showcasing the latest confectionery machinery and bakery equipment.

Food & Beverage

Showcasing various kinds of bakery and pastries products, frozen food, canned and processed food, seafood, ready to eat, snack food, food additives, organic food



TIF : Thailand Industrial Fair

The famous event for Industrial Machinery, Equipment Tools, Packaging Machinery, Material Handling, Industrial Supplies, Warehousing and Logistics

food pack asia

Food Pack Asia

Prepare to meet the latest production technology champions from entrepreneurs. Leading to experience the performance of the ultimate Machinery for food-beverage industry, packaging and Innovations of the year

Warehouse & Logistics Asia

Warehouse technology exhibition Innovative material handling systems and logistics solutions Complete supply chain

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