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Food Pack Asia 2023

"Technology​ For Next Normal "

     Since no one can tell exactly when the malicious COVID-19 will leave the world definitely, technology appears to be the best option to help us for “new normal” living. Especially in this era of the viral pandemic, technology has gained more important roles not only in medical products and services but also in many other areas related to our living; for example, food, beverage, packaging and hospitality businesses.

     As one of the top food processing & packaging and other related industries trade and exhibition fairs in Asia, Food Pack Asia sees how significant technology has become currently. Yet, it is not just for “new normal” to help us live on safely from the fatal disease, but for “next normal” to make the world return strong and prosperous once again. On 8-11 February 2023, Food Pack Asia 2023, which is taking place at BITEC Exhibition Centre, Bang Na, Bangkok, is centered on “Technology for Next Normal” theme.

     In FPA 2023, hundreds of producers and distributors from food, beverage, food processing & packaging , confectionery and other related industries are going to present their products and services using new technologies not just for “new normal” but for “next normal”.

     One of the most exciting trends for next normal that visitors can experience in Food Pack Asia 2023 is “future food” and technologies used for its production. As demand for food keeps growing steadily due to the world’s rising populations, conventional food production is seen not enough to answer such enormous demand not only on these days but also in the years to come. Food technology becomes the key to help food producers improve their productivity and develop new food or future food such as plant-based food, plant-based protein, plant-based seafood.

     Over the past few years Thailand’s future food market has grown quickly due partly to more health consciousness and environmental concern among many people these days. In addition, since Thailand also has entered the stage of “elderly society”, future food gains more importance to food and related industries. Thus, more of new products and new brands of future food in Thailand are seen coming to the market.

     Besides, with new and modern technologies in their operations and marketing, the producers and distributors can reduce manpower, cost and time, which minimizes chance of exposure to germs and contamination. And they are going to share with visitors their fruitful operations and wonderful outcomes in the Fair.

     Please join with us to share and witness what are the best from food and packaging industries and many others for “next normal” at Food Pack Asia 2023 at BITEC Exhibition Centre, Bangkok on 8-11 February 2023.


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