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2022 is in the early stages of a decade dominated by the digital world. Digital printing utilizes computer generation as the principal mechanism .

Flexible packaging is a trend that continues to gain great popularity, and there’s a good reason


The recycled packaging trend has never been so popular.

Vintage packaging pays homage to the phrase, “What’s old is new again.”

In terms of height and other nutritional measures, vegetarian children and non-vegetarian children are similar, a new study has found.

Magazine articles and news reports tout the benefits of “functional foods,” which they claim can do everything, from reducing cholesterol to preventing cancer.

Coronavirus Could Usher In A New Era Of Local, Sustainable Eating.

Eating avocados reduced the risk of heart attacks in both men and women.

The cup of coffee or tea you reach for in the morning — OK, maybe it’s a few — may be associated with a lower risk for stroke and dementia

Alternative sweeteners in your drinks can help with weight and diabetes risk, study says. In our soda, tea, coffee and juice: We like to drink sugar.